Ledger’s mission is to help you scale your pockets

While the general approach of a traditional accounting firm is to run the same methodical bookkeeping track to nowhere, we at Ledger pride ourselves on finding dynamic new ways to perform financial functions and increase profit margins.

Put simply, digital businesses and startups are our jam. We speak your language because we occupy that specialized space, just like you.

Ledger isn’t different for the sake of being different. We’re different because there’s a better way. More importantly, we’re different because you need us to be.

That’s not contrarian, that’s smart.

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Us vs. them: A clear winner



Subscribe to the same old bean-counting status quo Employs a fresh, forward-thinking mindset
Don’t grok entrepreneurs or remote-based business Lives your business model, so we get it
Think reports are the result, not a means to an end Uses reports to track progress to real, definable goals
Send you a bill for every question you ask Works with clients to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty
Use unclear language that confuses, frightens, or (worse!) bores clients Partners with businesses to educate them about their resources
Utilize desktop or proprietary software instead of real-time numbers Keeps you up to date anywhere in the world, at any time, with cloud software
Look at clients as just another block of billable hours Builds communities and friendships while providing valuable guidance and financial services

From frustrated to founder

Once upon a time, there was a single mom named Bri chipping away at the business of keeping everything squared away. Recovering from surgery relegated her to an office position at the repo company where she was employed.

It was there that Bri discovered a fascination with numbers and their upkeep. Excited, she dove into learning and building her chops. When the company ended up closing its doors, Glaring Necessity and Growing Frustration hooked up, and a bouncing baby bookkeeping business was born.

Seven years later, Bri and her team of pros are still rocking the heck out of your financials.

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We’re ready if you are

Brianna Bond
Founder, Badass Number Jockey

Careful attention to the unique needs of your digital business is important to us. Because of that, our founder is ready to connect with you personally to discuss your challenges and answer your questions.

There will be no high-pressure tactics or salesy fluff, we promise. Bri is notoriously averse to those things.

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