Bookkeeping Essentials

Know exactly where you stand at any given moment.

Ledger specializes in tight bookkeeping that takes the guesswork out of business decisions and makes tax time a breeze.

We categorize your everyday transactions, reconcile your accounts, and deliver financial statements on a steady schedule. Our monthly bookkeeping services keep you accurate and up-to-date.

Record Repair or Restoration

Structured bookkeeping fell by the wayside? No worries.

Ledger’s team of pros has seen it all, so your messed-up set of books or two years of homeless hard data doesn’t intimidate us. We’re masters of creating a place for everything then putting everything in its place.

We take your valuable financial info and structure it so that it’s easy to stay on top of and simple to read.

A/R & A/P Victory

Invoices, bills, and collections, oh my.

If managing client remittances, making sure that invoices are correct, and keeping on top of whether or not you have the cash to pay your vendors harshes your mellow, we’ve got you.

Ledger organizes and streamlines your accounts payable process to ensure smooth cash flow. If receivables creep into ‘past due’ territory, we take care of collections on those, too.

Virtual CFO

You’re busy making bank and need a finance pro on your side.

There’s a difference between being pulled along behind your financials and getting out in front of them.

Ledger moves you from the traditional transactional stance to a forward-thinking, strategic one with projects like KPI tracking, tax planning, and tax preparation. Our role as your full-service CFO is to oversee all aspects of your business finances; you focus on running your business.

We’re ready if you are

Brianna Bond
Founder, Badass Number Jockey

Careful attention to the unique needs of your digital business is important to us. Because of that, our founder is ready to connect with you personally to discuss your challenges and answer your questions.

There will be no high-pressure tactics or salesy fluff, we promise. Bri is notoriously averse to those things.

Talk to a no-hassle CFO